William Robert Courtnage Community Bursary

The William Robert Courtnage Community Service Bursary was established in 1999 in commemoration of the late William Robert Courtnage, the founding Chairperson of the Haldimand & Norfolk Crime Stoppers Program.

The Bursary

The bursary, in the amount of $1000, may be awarded to two (2) members of the graduating class of secondary schools in Haldimand or Norfolk areas who have participated in their student Crime Stoppers program and have demonstrated a commitment to the program’s success.

Bursary Candidates

Applications are open to secondary school students in Haldimand & Norfolk in their final year of school. Applicants need to be active members (for a minimum of three years) of their school’s Student Crime Stopper’s program upon application. The bursary acknowledges the contributions made by students who play a significant role in improving and developing the concept of student Crime Stoppers. The selection committee will consider those nominees who have demonstrated outstanding student leadership qualities. In the selection of the winning candidate(s), the degree to which the nominee’s achievements have contributed to the betterment of the student community, as well as their commitment and contribution to the program, will be taken into consideration along with all information contained in the application.

The overall quality of the contribution, rather than the attainment of a certain status or position will be a determining factor for the committee in arriving in a final decision.

Selection Committee

Five (5) members of the Board of Directors of the Haldimand & Norfolk Crime Stoppers program will comprise the Selection Committee and choose the bursary recipient(s).

Method of Selection

  • The Selection Committee will accept applications until the advertised cut off date (please see copy of current bursary for this date).
  • The Selection Committee will consider all information available to them and select the recipient(s).
  • The bursary will be presented at an event of the Selection Committee’s choosing.
  • In the event the nominees do not meet the Committee’s minimum requirements in any particular year, the Selection Committee, in its absolute discretion, may decline to award one or more of the bursaries in that year.
  • The decision of the Selection Committee in final.

Applications are available through your school’s guidance department or by contacting Crime Stoppers at 519-426-3434.

Past Bursary Winners


Eliza McNeice and Hannah Miller – Hagersville Secondary School


Audrey Whitman – Hagersville Secondary School


Travis Phibbs – Hagersville Secondary School


Elisha Fogg – Hagersville Secondary School


Zoe Whitman – Hagersville Secondary School