Why We Are “One Of The Best”

Crime Stoppers of Haldimand & Norfolk is known as one of the best programs in the world.

The program works! Check out our success…

2018 Statistics

2018 Since Inception
Number of Arrests: 27 2,113
Charges Laid: 110 6,247
Value of Property Recovered: $8,560 $5,704,059
Value of Narcotics Recovery: $67,050 $42,564,427
New Reports Started: 504 16,219
Rewards Authorized ($): $4,300 $329,855

Interesting Facts

  • Crime Stoppers has paid out an average of .006 cents for every dollar in stolen property and drugs recovered since inception in 1988 making the cost of solving crime in Haldimand and Norfolk is very affordable!!
  • Some Crime Stoppers programs only take tips on felony crimes like homicides and violent crimes.
  • Crime Stoppers of Haldimand & Norfolk takes tips on any crime including defrauding social services, cruelty to animals and traffic offenses.
  • Crime Stoppers does not publicize specific crimes that they have helped to solve. This is because protecting a caller’s identity is top priority and advertising a successful tip could jeopardize an anonymous caller.