January Is Crime Stoppers Month

January is Crime Stoppers month across Canada. This year’s theme is “Stand Up, Stand Together”, “Debout, Tous ensemble”.

Canadians must Stand Up, Stand Together for our nation’s values of inclusion, respect for cultural differences, equal rights and a commitment to social justice. We Stand Up, Stand Together for safe communities and the fight against criminal activity.

Crime Stoppers of Haldimand & Norfolk is proud of the results of tips received from our communities in 2022 as well as the cumulative statistics since our inception in 1988.

When you provide information to Crime Stoppers, you remain anonymous, will never be called upon to testify in court and may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000.00

Crime Stoppers is a non-profit, volunteer run organization completely independent of government and law enforcement.  Crime Stoppers is run by an independent board of directors who all volunteer a great deal of time and effort to the organization.

In these challenging times Crime Stoppers will continue to provide awareness and education to assist in mobilizing Canadians to report suspicious or criminal activity anonymously making our communities safer.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those individuals and businesses who have supported our organization over the past 34 years.

Our volunteer Board of Directors continue to plan fundraising events such as our annual Protect your Identity shredding days and our annual golf tournament in August 2023.  Details will be posted here on the website, as well as our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer Board member can contact us at coordinators@helpsolvecrime.com or chair@helpsolvecrime.com

Gord Miller Memorial

Gord Miller MemorialOn October 14 a memorial plaque and tree were dedicated to Gord Miller at the Jarvis lions park for his past work with the Haldimand Norfolk Crime Stoppers. Gord passed away February 23, 2021 but will be remanded.

In attendance from left to right, Dennis Craddock (Lions Club), Cyndy Schweyer (close friend), Doug Miller (son of Gord), Ken Schaus (Crime Stoppers), and Joe Feeney (Lions Club).

Fight Against Fentanyl

Traffickers of Fentanyl and its derivatives continue to operate in our communities.  Their total disregard for those afflicted with addictions have caused deaths and overdoses in our communities.

These substances pose a hazard to first responders and law enforcement who come into direct contact with this drug.

Crime Stoppers of Haldimand and Norfolk is doing our part in the fight against these individuals who have no regard for human life and create this tragedy by trafficking Fentanyl and its derivatives.

Crime Stoppers of Haldimand and Norfolk is offering a $1000.00 reward for information that directly leads to the arrest of Fentanyl traffickers operating within the communities we serve.

We are also offering rewards from $500 up to $1000 for information that results in significant seizures of illicit Fentanyl or its derivatives by law enforcement within our service areas of Haldimand and Norfolk.

This reward offering will take place from April 1 to May 31, 2022.

Fentanyl is a terrible drug; we are not immune from it; it is not a ‘big city problem’; it is prevalent everywhere.  It has made and continues to make a significant adverse impact on our local communities.

If you know something…#SayItHere

As a result of this initiative, we hope to help curtail this problem by offering this reward to individuals who have information but wish to report these activities anonymously through our tip line 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or submit a tip.

Helping All Communities Stay Safe

Contact Crime Stoppers or your local police if you recognize signs of a methamphetamine or synthetic drug production lab in your neighborhood.
In addition, we want the public to fully grasp the negative impacts that drugs like these have on family and friends alike as well as on the environment. We need our citizens to be both educated and concerned in order to make a change.